Creative Aesthetic Research Exercise (In-Class)

Pick two of the CARE methods discussed in class. Flush out how they might be useful as a method for your thesis. What are the pros, cons, caveats. What happens if all goes bad?

Instruction Sets

This method could be useful because the concept of controlling a website through gestures and motions may not be as easy to grasp as I’d think. Ideally I want people from all over to use this form of browsing and I have to keep in mind that people have different backgrounds and aptitudes for technology.


  • Easy to follow
  • Start on same page
  • Learn by example
  • Show that it can be easy as well as difficult


  • Not allowing customization and forcing the user to follow a certain behavioral approach could drive them away.


  • If it was a device what sort of “physicality” would be needed
  • How crazy can we make the instructions/voice commands


A speculative approach could allow for whole new interpretations on how things would be used solely based on the users natural instinct. What feels natural to a user after being so used to operating with a different device for such a long time? What would their first instinct be when it comes to handling this new “controller”?


  • See what feels natural
  • What does the user expect?
  • Are there similarities between people in the same regions?
  • What sensory elements do the users choose to rely on?


  • Too broad of a scope(?)
Written on September 11, 2018