Domains of Interest

Look at the work you have created in the past, and/or think about the work you want to create in the future. Break the works down into categories of interest. Try to place the works into 4-6 areas or domains. Write down these domains. For each domain write a short description in terms both broad and focused. Be creative, don’t limit yourself to traditional approaches. It is important to be mindful of the open and networked nature of this work. This is to allow others to get a sense of both the knowledge domain and your focus. We will use these as the jumping off point for our exercises on Thursday.

Human Computer Interaction

HCI has become one of my main areas of interest simply because it something that we use everyday and I often fantasize about how I can change this and make it more natural. We have used the same forms of input and devices to control our interaction with our devices. When the iPhone came out and we started using gestures we gained a whole new way of interacting with devices. I want to continue exploring how we can use these gestures with the web.

Open Source (Accessibility)

When I say “Open Source/Accessibility” I am referring to having whatever I create be reachable to people all over the world. That’s why I chose the web, even though a lot of places don’t have internet connection it is a great a way to deliver something to people across the globe. That’s one reason why I’m not too interested in VR/AR technology because it is expensive and not practical enough for me.

Machine Learning

I am interested in Machine Learning simply because I want to understand the fundamentals of how things work and how they are going to work. Also, from a web developers stand point I’m interested in the possibility of automating web development through a persons interests, characteristics, developments and just user input.

Speculative Computing

This is more of an area of fun and exploration for me. I thought about this while watching various futuristic movies, shows, and things like that. I am extremely intrigued with the future of computing and I think that this ties in with HCI but without as much restrictions. So it allows for “whacky” experimentation. For example, I have an idea for a desk with plants that is connected to a Github account. Every time code is pushed to the Github account the plant can get watered. If there’s a lack of commits the desk destroys the plants. Forcing the user to keep their coding habits.

Written on August 29, 2018