Creativity & Computational Lab

Meeting Times: Monday 7:00PM - 9:40PM

Office Hours: By appointment


Phone: (646)463-2030 [Text don't call]

Syllabus: Link

πŸ—“ Week One

Homework: Due 9/2
  • Identify items in your everyday environment that are conductors, insulators, and possible resistors. Bring your questions to next week’s class.
  • Set up an account on with your newschool email address.
  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Two

  • No Class! Happy Labor Day! (Reading and video material will be sent out.)
  • πŸ—“ Week Three

    We focused on Capacitors, Resistors, Transistors, and the 555 timer. I know it was a lot but you all did well following allowing and executing the in class exercises.

    Homework: Due 9/16
  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Four

    Iterate your existing prototype or study, creating a higher fidelity (and more stable) piece. Use soldering to extend the length of wires and fit components into the form you create.

    Homework: Due 9/23
  • Use the 555 timer, paralell, or series circuits.
  • Bonus points if it’s able to be toggled.
  • Optional use of other sensors.
  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Five

    Use the capacitive touch sensor or another external sensor in your kit with your current project or create a whole new project. Make sure your work is being documented. Also, have it enclosed with a way to access the inside!

    Homework: Due 10/7
  • You can use Youtube for a foundation.
  • Help each other.
  • Use the making center!

  • Class Slides
  • Arduino Extras
  • πŸ—“ Week Six

    Homework: Due 10/14
  • Fix and iterate on the p5 weather app. Be creative with the data that you get back.
  • Submit GitHub url to canvas.

  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Seven

    Homework: Due 10/21
  • Either iterate on the p5 weather app to include a library or use a new API and library together to create something new!
  • Upload the code to your github repo
  • Complete writing assessment.

  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Eight

    Homework: Due 10/28
  • Using a data source create a sketch that parses data or attenuates signal into meaningful information.
  • Upload the code to your github repo

  • Class Slides
  • πŸ—“ Week Nine

    Module 2 Project: Due 11/04
  • We worked on using firebase to store and retrieve data in real time to our site. Consider using this in your module two project. In what way can the data manipulate the users experience? Think about this as you work on them.
  • Let me know if you have any allergies, we will be having presentations and snacks to go along with your projects!

  • Class Slides