Bootcamp 2018

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  • I was asked to help with development of this years bootcamp website for the MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons. I worked with another student who handled the majority of the design while I handled the majority of the code. We built the website on Wordpress because we needed a platform that would allow for multiple users, incoming students, to post their work to the program blog.

    Program Description

    Bootcamp is an intense, pre-entry immersive that is the required entry-point of Parsons legendary MFA Design+Technology program. Nothing compares. By the end of Bootcamp you will have achieved higher consciousness (and you will be exhausted).

    Purpose: Bootcamp accomplishes two things. It expands your skills in the areas of code, interaction, and design process. Perhaps more important, it is an immersive and concentrated introduction to the critical studio environment, and the community you will spend two years (and the rest of your life) with.