New School Dashboard

This project began as a homework assigment during my summer at "Bootcamp" before entering Parsons for my MFA in Design & Technology. I had to build something to show my web related skills and also incorporated some javascript. Like most educational institutions The New School has an online portal for its students to view certain things and get access to different services. I'm not a huge fan of the current web portal that The New School uses so I decided to change it up a bit.

Wireframes + Sketches

Since I had a short turn around time for this project I kept the sketches and the wireframes really simple. The new portal would display only the things that I found absolutely essential but yet it could also have widgets for weather, tasks, emails etc. You'll notice that the sketch and the wireframe differ a little and that's because I want to continue developing the UI into something more practical and nice looking honestly.

Final Result

This is something I'm still developing in my spare time but as you'll see by the screenshot below, I managed to design and code the UI to resemble the sketches. Next phase will be making the widgets fully functional and converting it into a desktop application.