Homies (iOS Application)

  • In Progress
  • I lived with my friends all throughout my fours of college. The first two years I had a roommate and the last two years I lived in an on campus apartment with friends, only difference was I had my own room this time. While those experiences were great I didn't really get the true apartment/living by myself experience until after we graduated and leased an apartment together in downtown Albany. It was great because we all got along and had known each other for years but there were times when small things slipped through cracks. Nothing major.

    But, this made me think about how other people who live with roommates they're not cool with must feel. A lot of issues stem from miscommunication and I think an app for the home can push people towards the right direction.

    Wireframes + Sketches

    The first place I started was the App Store, I thought that there had to be something that already took care of this. After browsing through and searching the App Store I found numerous to do the things I wanted but not one cohesive app. I wanted something that could be done from one central location, would require one account, and could easily be managed. I began wireframing some drafts for the home screen and how I would want it to function.



    I came up with some designs and possible interactions in Sketch and uploaded them on to Marvel for demonstration purposes. I have never coded an iOS application before. So, naturally I didn't know where to begin when it came to the actual development of the application but luckily I got into an iOS class in the fall and slowly began development of the application. In the meantime, you can interact witht he demo below via Marvel.


    - Notifications (Packages/Bills etc.)
    - Current temperature and date. (Illustration would change based on these things)
    - Show users distance from home. (Optional)

    Profile Page
    - Assign tasks
    - Emergency & Health Info
    - Send Bill Request

    - Thermostat Control
    - Light Control
    - Amount Used

    - Due Date
    - Who's Late?
    - Late Fees

    - Last time you bought something.
    - How much you spend.
    - List for what you need to buy.
    - Pictures of the receipts and dates of trips

    - Lease Agreements
    - Official documents
    - Receipts for purchases made as a house.