• (html, scss, javascript, react)

  • Project OASIS aims to serve as the bridge between people who reside in places which are deemed as food deserts/swamps and the healthy alternatives around them. Users will be able to input their location and get results ranging from the quality of food in their community, to cooking classes, community gardens, co-ops, and many more. Most importantly, they will have the option of drafting out a letter to their local representative to do something about the state of their community.

    Logo Variations

    It took me quite some time before settling on the purple colorway for the logo. Green is primarily representative of health and blue tends to be used throughout social media companies and for water so I went with purple. One that just simply appeals to me personally and doesn't associate with any health stigmas.

    Some other alternatives for the logo including fruit and vegetabke varitions. Some composed of a smooth font with an avacado pit to replace the O's etc but they all became too abstract and strayed away from the point.

    Initial Drafts

    Initially I wanted to have a one page design with the information displayed but the format became very cluttered when prototyping. So, after some revision I settled on a single page with tabs to display different pieces of information relative to the user. This is currently what I've settled on but it is subject to change and I will update this page if it does.

    I began with some initial sketches of the main pages of the application. They are all very simple and place the focus of the page on the information that is being delivered. These (very rough) sketches were done on my iPad using an app called Paper.

    First Prototype

    After the first round of sketches I moved on to creating a more thorough design. This hi-fidelity protoype made getting my point/vision across easier. I also included the page for contacting your local representative which I believe would be a very important part of the application. Having the ability to request change should be effortless.

    Final Solution (Still in Progress)

    At it's current state the web application is functional but not enough to be deployed. I am working on gathering the right databases to query for the results. It has been an interesting experience and one that has definetely taught me new things as far as building web applications go.